Tile Design Inspiration

We could all use a little inspiration.

Artistic Tile Toledo Lucido waterjet marble mosaic

Walker Zanger Anteak reclaimed wood mosaic

Artistic Tile Opera Serenade glass blend

AKDO Lace Vine handmade stone mosaic

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Levels of Cabinetry: Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom

We are frequently asked to explain the difference between stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets. Here is a brief explanation of the three to help better understand why the differences drive the overall price.

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are pre-made based on a set catalog of options, finishes, and sizes determined by the company. Only these pre-determined sizes and options are manufactured. There is no option to edit or customize for your project beyond the standard offerings that the factory produces. Diamond is one of the stock cabinetry options that we offer.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are also made based on a catalog of options determined by the company. However, semi-custom cabinets are often available in more sizes, more woods and finishes, and with more options and accessories available. The factory is typically making these cabinets per your order. DeWils is an example of a semi-custom cabinetry option that we offer.

Custom Cabinets

Choosing to work with a custom cabinet company gives you free reign in terms of woods, finishes, design options, sizes, and accessories. If you can dream it, chances are it can be built, as your cabinets will be made specifically for you based on your order. Different from a local cabinetmakers’ shop, the custom cabinet companies that we work with are still made inside a factory, which allows the temperature, humidity, and air dust levels to be controlled for a flawless finish. Bentwood is one of the custom cabinetry options that we offer.

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Design: Reused & Repurposed

Sustainable design is driven by coming up with innovative ways to reuse existing items or spaces that are no longer used or needed, whether it be a building shell, a material, or item. Here are a variety of creative and inspiring design ideas that emphasize repurposed and recycled materials.

The cabinetry and shelving in this fantastic rustic kitchen are made from old apple crates. See more here.

This transitional kitchen is built inside of a refurbished barn. Additional photos of this project here.

This countertop surface is made out of recycled glass juice, beer, & sparkling water bottles in a recycled cement substrate. See more at vetrazzo.com.

These pendant lights feature repurposed glass and metal from a variety of sources, including flashlights, buckets, jars, wine bottles, and more. See others here.

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Before & After Kitchen Remodels

This kitchen remodel features granite countertops, a peninsula with bar seating, a simple cabinet door style, and a clean ceramic tile backsplash.

Here we used FSC-certified fir wood cabinets and granite countertops on the perimeter, with a vetrazzo recycled glass countertop on the island. Backsplash is glass subway tile.

We updated this kitchen with stainless appliances, custom cabinetry with refrigerator panels, a granite island with cooktop and bar seating, and a splash of color.

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The Entertaining Kitchen

Stir the soul with these ideas for the perfect entertaining kitchen.

Space: This Douglah Designs kitchen remodel has ample floor space between the perimeter and the island. This allows for people gathering in the kitchen during a party while still leaving plenty of room for cooking.

Kitchen faucets & sinks: Utility-style faucets are modern and elegant as they are highly functional, like this Grohe K7 semi-pro. An extra prep sink or wet bar in your kitchen allow for multiple people to be preparing food or cleaning up at the same time.

This kitchen has a generous island with a prep sink and barstool seating. On the perimeter, there’s a dual-fuel Wolf range with 6 burners, a steel griddle surface, and a wall-mounted pot filler, perfect for large dinner parties.

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The Sleek & Minimal Modern Kitchen

The sleek & minimal kitchen is a gorgeous trend for contemporary remodels. I shouldn’t even call it a trend because this clean modern look is incredibly timeless. While many styles of interior design are characterized by their details, the sleek modern kitchen focuses on a lack of them. 

This ultra-modern kitchen demonstrates the smooth, square, angular look of a minimalist design with stainless steel and sleek white finishes.

Materials used are clean solids with a futuristic hint to them: stainless steel fixtures and appliances, smooth quartz surfaces, clear neutral glass, and sleek leather bar seating to name a few. Modern kitchen layouts feature clean square angles and the look of “stacked” lines in contrasting finishes. Popular minimal cabinetry can be made of glass, laminate, or wood in a clean door face style.

I love the look of "stacked" or layered materials in contrasting colors and the minimal cabinet door style in this kitchen design.

This Douglah Designs modern kitchen remodel features glass perimeter cabinets that contrast beautifully with a sleek wood island.

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Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Wall-hung vanities can make bathroom floor space appear bigger, like this one from Ronbow.

If you wish a bathroom in your home could be a little larger without adding more square footage, here are a few design tips to make your bath look and feel more spacious. 

Pedestal or wall-hung vanity: Replacing wall-to-wall box cabinetry that goes down to the floor with a delicate free-standing pedestal or a sleek wall-hung vanity will make the bathroom floor space appear larger. Being able to see the flooring continue underneath the vanity, as well as seeing space around the sides of the vanity, will give the illusion of a larger room. Remove extra wall shelves and accessories that cut into the space. With these steps, of course, you may need to reorganize a nearby linen closet to accommodate for lost storage space in the bathroom!

Select a fresh color palate: Clean neutrals, fresh whites, and soft “cool” colors can make your bathroom look more spacious. Strong colors on the walls will shrink your space.

This small bathroom design uses a bright and clean color palate, 12x12 tiles with matching grout, a pedestal sink, and simple decor.

Keep it clean: Stick to a clean, minimalist style when choosing fixtures and finishes. Reduce décor in the room, such as only one piece of art instead of several small ones. Store toiletries away instead of on tub and sink surrounds and other surfaces.

More light: Adding more lighting to the bathroom, such as recessed cans and wall sconces, will brighten and therefore open up the space.

Glass and mirrors: Glass accent tiles particularly in a linear pattern and a large mirror will help pick up light in the room. Better yet, use a mirrored medicine cabinet that’s fully recessed into the wall (try Robern cabinets) for extra storage without taking up extra floor or wall space. Always choose clear glass instead of frosted glass, especially for the shower door, to keep the bathroom more open.

Pale glass tiles in a linear mosaic make this tub area look and feel lighter, larger, and more airy.

Choose the right tiles: Stick with large scale floor tiles instead of busy mosaics. Try rectangular tiles like 12” x 24” and run them length-wise down the bathroom so the space appears to continue. Choose grout colors that match the tiles if you are using small tiles, as lots of contrasting grout lines can visually shrink the bathroom’s floor space.

Large rectangular floor tiles continue beneath these wall-hung vanities to give the illusion of a larger room.

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design

Rustic French country-inspired or “farmhouse” style of interior design and décor is distinct and charming as it is timeless. Rustic white cabinets, country inspired faucet, big apron sink, and old fashioned French motifs on hand crafted tiles are only some elements of a farmhouse style kitchen design.

The focal point of this rustic Douglah Designs kitchen remodel is a gorgeous wood “chopping block” countertop on the island.

Contrasting dark green and wood custom cabinetry and a big white apron sink compliment this elegant country kitchen by Douglah Designs.

The farmhouse style is so very distinct, that it’s safe to say that you either love it or you don’t, right? Before you eliminate the idea completely, take a look at some updated farmhouse looks that are evolving towards cleaner lines, sleeker shapes, and a fresher overall feel, while still adding that little touch of French country character to the space.

A clean apron sink and a sleek chrome version of the farmhouse faucet make this Kohler kitchen a modern approach to country style.

A wall-hung minimalist farmhouse faucet and rustic hardware add just a hint of country character to this otherwise clean and transitional Kohler kitchen.

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Colorful Design Elements for Interiors

Don’t be afraid to bring color into your interior design! Many contemporary and traditional spaces are often based on neutral palates, but adding a pop of color can enhance or even transform the space entirely.

Whether you want an entire colored countertop or wall as the focal point of your room, or you just want to add some colorful chairs or accent tiles, color will most definitely brighten the space in a unique way.

This kitchen features a Caesarstone quartz counter in Apple Martini and Blizzard. Paired with white cabinetry and a lime accent tile, this kitchen is definitely something to talk about!

Colorful countertops are a great way to make a statement in a modern kitchen. I love the variety of colors available in Caesarstone quartz countertops and crushed recycled glass countertops.

Ceramic tile is a great way to add color to any style of kitchen or bath. Color and pattern options are virtually endless in tile design and can work in traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs. These Arabesque tiles by Ann Sacks bring just the right amount of color and eye-catching pattern to any space.


Liven up a kitchen table or bar area with pop-color chairs and wall paint like in this colorful Douglah Designs remodel.

Want a less “permanent” way to try new accent colors in your home? Try interior design elements that you can change easily and frequently like furniture, wall paint color, and décor accessories. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Online Professional Color Gallery to find the perfect paint color combinations.

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Lafayette Art & Wine Festival

The Lafayette Art & Wine Festival is a great way to enjoy one of the final weekends of summer. Every 3rd weekend in September for the past 16 years, thousands of people come to downtown Lafayette to browse stalls of arts & crafts, enjoy live music, and sample a wide selection of food, wine, and beer. Admission is free, and festival wine glasses and drink tickets are available for purchase individually or in combinations.

Over 250 fine art and handmade craft vendors will be present at the festival this weekend, and it’s the perfect place to browse for gifts or something unique for your own home or garden… All right here in downtown Lafayette on Mt Diablo Blvd and in La Fiesta Square, this weekend September 17 and 18!

So what do I look forward to most each year at the Art & Wine Festival? The beautiful handmade jewelry by local artists, and the BBQ oysters with a great microbrew!

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